Navigating Payroll & Financial Center Lesson

In this lesson you will learn some basics about navigating through the Payroll & Financial Center.


  1. As you navigate through the Payroll & Financial Center do not use your forward or back buttons on your browser.  Always use the buttons within the Payroll & Financial Center to navigate.


    In addition, when signing out be sure to use the Sign Out button in the upper right hand corner.  Do Not use the X in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

  2. You can minimize the menu.


    Click the Minimize button.

  3. To restore the menu click the Restore (Alt+M) button.

  4. You can also maximize the menu.


    Click the Maximize button.

  5. To restore the menu click the Restore (Alt+X) button.

  6. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  7. This will display everything you have access to.  Please be aware that your actual menu may differ from this example or from what your co-workers have.  It all depends on your level of access.

  8. To collapse  your menu back down click the State of Nebraska link.

  9. You have Roles assigned to your profile which determine what you have access to.  Though you do not have to select a specific Role, by doing so you can narrow down what you see in your menu.

  10. Click the Roles link.

  11. Click the All My Roles list.

  12. Click the Accounting #30.

  13. Click the Double Arrow button.  This loads your Role.

  14. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  15. Notice how you now only see Accounting - Agencies on your menu where before you saw everything you have access to.  This is because you selected the Accounting #10 Role

  16. Click the Accounting link.

  17. Click the Manage Journal Entry link.

  18. Click the Enter Manual Journal Entries link.

  19. Reports can be identified in the menu with a blue dot.

  20. All other applications are identified in the menu with a blue dash.

  21. Click the Journal Entries with Debit/Credit Format link.

  22. The application window opens and the application also is listed under the Open Applications.

  23. Click the Enter Recurring Journal Entries object.

  24. The second application window opens and is also listed under the Open Applications.


    You can have up to five applications open at a time.

  25. Click the Close button.

  26. Click the Close button.

  27. You can refresh your menu which will collapse the menu back down.

  28. Click the Refresh Menu button.

  29. You can reload all of your Roles so your menu will display everything you have access to.

  30. Click the Roles list.

  31. Click All My Roles.

  32. Click the Double Arrows  button.

  33. You can open a separate window as well.  This allows you to work on multiple applications within separate windows.

  34. Click the Open New Window button.

  35. A second window has opened on top of the original window.  Notice how the second window does not have a Sign Out button.  Instead it has a Close Window button.

  36. You can go back and forth between the windows by selecting them from the tool bar at the bottom of the screen.

  37. Click the Close Window link.

  38. There is an option to have the menu automatically minimize every time you open an application.

  39. Click the Preferences link.

  40. Click the Minimize menu on app launch option.

  41. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  42. Click the Address Book link.

  43. Click the Address Book Inquiry link.

  44. Notice how the menu minimized automatically.  You can restore the menu at anytime.

  45. Click the Restore button.

  46. Click the Minimize button.

  47. Click the Close button.

You have successfully completed some of the navigation basics of the Payroll & Financial Center.

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