The purpose of this process is to create commitments on NIS to track manually created contracts for construction related activities.


This instruction covers the process for creating a requisition, entering quote suppliers, entering bid responses, generating a special purpose PO, generating a special order release, printing a purchase order for a Project and entering a receipt.


After a Special Purpose Purchase Order document is created or generated, revisions can be made. For example, you can increase the quantity of an ordered item, change the cost of items, or add new detail lines to the purchase order. You can also make revisions to information contained in the header such as Supplier, Ship To, Send Invoice To, Business Unit and Dates. Once an order is revised, the system creates a record of the revisions. In addition, the system tracks these revisions.


The process is not related to the Department of Administrative Services Materiel Division, State Purchasing Bureau. This is simply a way to put a commitment on the system to track expenses related to a project.

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