The Ex-Employees with Approval Routes report is an integrity report created to identify approval routes assigned to and ex-employee and ex-employees who are approvers (Person Responsible).  There is no need to change the data selection as it is pre-set.

The report is a “two section report”.  The first section identifies ex-employees with “Approval Routes”.  These routes should be deleted.    The second section indicates an ex-employee that is an approver in an employee’s approval route “Person Responsible”. The ex-employee should be removed from this route or the duties should be delegated to another person.

Columns in the report:
• Name = Name of Ex-Employee
• Address Book # = Ex-Employee’s EnterpriseOne Address Book Number/Approval Route
• Doc Ty = Procurement Document with an existing approval that needs deleted or delegated.

This report is secured by Business Unit Security and will allow you to view those employees who were part of your agency. 

Roles that are authorized to run this Integrity Report:  PT31, PT41, PT50, and PT51


Report Number: R571404 – NIS0001
Approval Route Integrity Report



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