Quotation Requests are used to request bids from potential suppliers. Quotes on products desired by the State are received from suppliers wishing to provide the products and services. These bid responses will be entered into the system. 


Order Type: OQ
Description: Quote for Commodity Purchase < $10,000
Navigation:  Purchasing – Agencies > Quotation Requests – Agency > Commodity Quotation Request – Agency > Revise Comm Quote (OQ)


Order Type: OF
Description: Quote for a one time purchase for a commodity or commodity contract 
Navigation:  Processed by DAS Materiel Division, State Purchasing Bureau


Order Type: Z1
Description: Quote for Services
Navigation:  Purchasing – Agencies > Quotation Requests – Agency > Service Quotation Request – Agency > Revise Service Quote (Z1)


Order Type: ZQ
Description: Quote for Stock
Navigation:  Inventory > Inventory Purchasing - Statewide > Stock Quotation Request > Revise Stock Quote (ZQ)


This lesson uses the order type Z1.

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