AS Materiel Division - State Purchasing Bureau can grant exceptions to the competitive bid process on sole source, emergency services, and other unique services.


The deviation request must include an attachment of the draft contract, an estimated dollar value of the contract, and the Agency Director’s approval via Approval Routes (to set up Approval Routes for Deviation Requests, navigate to the Approval Route Worksheet on the AS - Materiel website). Justification for sole source, emergency, or other exceptions must be included in an attachment. Justification must fully explain why the service cannot be competitively bid or details of the emergency or specialized situation.


For emergencies, a copy of the contract signed by the vendor and agency director must accompany the deviation request. Once the data has been entered into a Request for Deviation from Service Contract and it has been approved, the document will be generated into an Exempt Purchase Requisition for Services (Z6) or Services Contract (O4) and processed by the Agency. 

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