Procurement document lines can be distributed at the time of document creation or document revision.


Many expensed items/services that are procured need to be distributed across multiple G/L Accounts. The process enables users to define multiple expense accounts for a single procurement line item. This allows the State to take advantage of volume discounts since the original quantity and amount remains the same.


This functionality transfers with procurement documents as they are generated or released.


Users can choose between three methods of distribution: 


o Fixed Amount - total dollar amounts are defined at the business unit.object account level 

o Fixed Quantity - total quantities are defined at the business unit.object account level 

o Percentage - total dollar distribution is defined by a specified percentage at the business unit.object account level 


Account distribution is determined at the line level; therefore, each line of a procurement document can have different distribution methods, business unit.object accounts, and quantities. 


Method of distribution cannot be changed once it is defined; however, distribution within the method can be revised. Revisions to lines fall within Document Approval requirements.  After a receipt has been made against a line, business unit.object account distribution cannot be revised. 




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