This process provides the end user the suggested order quantity for items, which are recommended to be reordered. 


Required Set-up must be complete before the report can be generated. 

Note: To have the system automatically calculate the Reorder Point (ROP), a minimum of twelve periods of history must exist in the Item History file. If there is not enough history, enter a reorder point in the “Reorder Point” field in the Item Branch Quantities screen. If a value in the Reorder Point field exists, it will override the system calculated reorder point. 


The suggested reorder quantity is based on the pre-defined reorder point for the inventory item assigned to a Branch/Plant and open orders. 

Reorder Point – A quantity for an item that specifies when replenishment occurs. Typically, this occurs when the total quantity on-hand plus the quantity on order equal or do not meet a specified quantity. You can enter this quantity or the system can calculate it if there is sufficient sales history.

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