Before you can add a non stock item number to a template, you must provide the system with information about these items. The Item MUST be in the Item Master and the Item Branch prior to entering it into the Non Stock Item Master. All Non-Stock Items that will be on a Template will begin with the 11-digit NIGP and end with a “-N”. The system uses this information to identify and process each item in the distribution systems. Each time you add a new Non Stock item to the Item Master, you must provide the system with the units of measure for that item. Once the basic data and weights and measures for the items are defined, the next final step is to store the new stock number in the Item Master.


Note: NIGP Numbers must be researched by searching the Item Master and NIGP’s web site if you have access prior to entry of the new item. If no item exists, NIGP must be contacted to create a new number. A temporary number maybe entered for DHHS Only. DCS CANNOT use temporary numbers. Once an item number has been identified enter the items in EDGE.

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