Payroll encumbrances are created through the manual encumbrance method by creating a journal entry in the PB Ledger Type. The instructions for creating a manual encumbrance can be found under the Budgeting Training Guides.

Payroll is typically encumbered after the payroll batch has been created, therefore the existing journal entry can be used to capture the detail lines of coding. The following instructions assist the user in finding that information and importing and exporting the data. This methodology is not required. Payroll batch numbers can also be obtained by agency payroll personnel.


Caution should be used when creating payroll encumbrances to ensure that the time period reflected in the payroll journal entry agrees with the fiscal year end.  Bi-weekly payrolls with July GL dates should be reviewed to determine the amount of time employees worked in June.  If only a percentage of the payroll is related to fiscal year, then only that percentage of the total should be used. For example, if a 10-day payroll runs from June 29th to July 12, only 2/10 of the payroll would be encumbered.

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