Viewing & Printing Your W-2 Lesson

In this lesson you will learn how to view and print your W-2.


  1. First go to LINK.NE.GOV and click the Payroll & Financial Center button or link.

  2. Enter your User ID in the User ID field.

  3. Click in the Password: field.

  4. Enter your password in the Password field.;

  5. Click the Sign In button.

  6. Click the State of Nebraska link.

  7. Click the Self Service link.

  8. Click the Employee Print W2 link.

  9. Select the Tax Year by clicking the radio button next to it.

  10. Click the Select button.

  11. Click the OK button.

  12. Click the View Submitted Jobs button.

  13. Make sure the Description field says "DONE" for the "R07885" job (look in the Job Details column to make sure).


    If it does not say "DONE" click the Find button until it does.

  14. Click the check box of the "R07885" job (look in the Job Details column to make sure).


    Note: If it is the most recent job you ran it should be the top row.

  15. Click the Row button.

  16. Click the View RD Out Direct menu.


    Note: If the Description field does not say "DONE" you will not see the View RD Out Direct button.

  17. Click the Open button.

  18. Your W-2 for the tax year you selected will be displayed.

  19. To print the W-2 click the File menu.

  20. Click Print.

  21. Make sure your local printer is selected and then click the OK button.

  22. Your W-2 will now print at the printer you selected.

  23. Click the Close (red X in the upper right hand corner) button to close the W-2.

  24. Click the Close button.

  25. Click the Close button.

You have successfully completed this lesson.

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