On the View Job Status screen select the row with R073012 in the Job Details column to view the Payroll Register.


Note: Be sure to choose the most recent report based on date and time. 


Note: Please see below for a list of jobs that will appear in submitted jobs: 


R07354 - This is a UBE, no report output. 

R073012 - Payroll Register 

R073062 - DBA Register 

R073162 - State Tax Distribution Summary 

R073170 - Federal Tax Distribution Summary 

R073665 - Employee Social Security 

R07493 - Payroll Voucher Journal Detail 

R07496 - Payroll Voucher Journal Summary 

R073666 - Employers Social Security Register 

R073667 - Employee Medicare Register 

R073668 - Employer Medicare Register 

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