Note: The Journal Entry Payroll Proof/Edit Report (R05229) will be submitted. View the Report via Submit Job or View Job Status. For step-by-step instructions, please refer to the Working with Submitted Reports Training Guides. Choose the Job Details to view (R05229_…) once the Description is "Done".


Note: Please see below for a list of jobs that will appear in the submitted jobs:


R05227 - This is a UBE, no report output

R072902 - This is a UBE, no report output

R04110ZA - Batch Voucher Processor Report

R07411Z1 – Always a blank page.


R074902 – Always a blank page.


R05229 - Payroll Journal Proof/Edit Report

R053010 - Labor and Burden Distribution Register

R07354 - This is a UBE, not report output.

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