The payroll cycle is a process that is completed each time State employees are paid. The payroll cycle consists of the following five basic steps:

The Payroll Cycle is controlled by the Payroll ID. In Pre-payroll the Payroll ID is used to select the employees to be paid. The same Payroll ID is used for all steps of the Payroll Cycle. Different Payroll IDs can be used to process multiple Payroll Cycles simultaneously.

Pro forma journal entries are preliminary, review-level entries that the system stores in Workfile until after Final Update is run. This workfile is created to prepare the journal entries for review and posting. A Payroll Journal Proof/Edit report (R05229) is created when the workfile is created. This report is used to review the accuracy of the pay cycle information before the system posts the information to the general ledger. The detail and summary information can also be viewed online.

The HR/Payroll Contact creates the payroll journal entries that are used to charge agency costs for payroll.

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