After pre-payroll is processed, review the Payroll Register report (R073012) to verify that the system correctly calculated employees’ gross-to-net amounts and that the correct employees are being paid. Review employee earnings for this payroll cycle by pay type and deductions. The report lists the following information:

The Payroll Register report also shows which employees’ gross-to-net calculations are incorrect.


Check-control numbers are system-assigned numbers that are used to help track your actual payment numbers. The system also uses the check-control number to complete all of the necessary account reversals when you void a payment and to track journal entries. The check-control number is particularly important because at this point in the process the system does not track actual payment (i.e. warrant) numbers. Payment/warrant numbers are not tracked in the system until after the Print Payments process has been run.

Note: The Check-control number is not the warrant number.

A warning prints on the report when the total gross amount minus the deductions does not equal the total net amount.

Note: Please see below for a list of jobs that will appear in the submitted jobs:

R07200 - This is a UBE, no report output

R053191 - Payroll Exception

R073012 - Payroll Register

R073051 - Time and Pay Entry Journal

R07354 - This is a UBE, no report output

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