After employees enter their cards for approval using Employee Self Service Time Entry, their supervisor (or the supervisor's delegate) will approve their time cards. After the above processes are complete, the Payroll Administrator can run the Batch Time Entry Register report to review the status of the timecards. Timecards can also be reviewed via the Batch Time Entry File Revisions screen.


The Payroll Administrator can either approve, or designate "paid, not approved," on any time cards waiting approval in order to begin the upload process. Unapproved timecards may be uploaded using Processing Options.


Note: The Payroll Administrator must be delegated by each manager to approve that manager's employee's timecards.


A version of the Batch Time Entry Register report can be run to view all "Paid, not Approved" timecards. This version has a signature line to document that the timecards were uploaded without the supervisor's direct approval.

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