The Sales Update Program creates a report of the batch that Sales Update Final will create to update Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold and Finished Goods Inventory.  Accounts Receivable record is created through the Invoicing Program, but will post with these other accounts when the Sales Update Final batch posts.  This work instruction shows how to: 

Sales Update – Proof  


Running the proof first allows you to review the entries before a batch is created. It is imperative that you check your work center after running this program, and take care of any errors noted there before you go on to run the Final program. If the entries are correct, then you will run the Sales Update – Final. 


Sales Update – Final  


This will create Accounts Receivable batches they will have a pending status, so they will need to be Approved and Posted.  It will also update the status to ??? 

Note: To review, approve, and post the sales update batches see the Invoice Processing-- Review Journal Entries for Approval work instructions, and Post Journal Entries by Batch work instructions. 

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