Perform Account Balance Inquiry Lesson

In this lesson you will learn how to perform an account balance inquiry. 


  1. Click the State of Nebraska link.

    Step 1
  2. Click the Accounts Receivable link.

    Step 2
  3. Click the Inquiries & Reports link.

    Step 3
  4. Click the A/R Inquiries link.

    Step 4
  5. Click the Account Balance Inquiry link.

    Step 5
  6. Click in the Fund field.

    Step 6
  7. Enter the fund number into the Fund field. For this lesson enter a "10000".

    Step 7
  8. Click the Find button.

    Step 8
  9. Choose the Customer Number desired by clicking the radio button number next to it.  


    Click the 557757 option.

    Step 9
  10. Click the Row button.

    Step 10
  11. Click the Customer Ledger menu.

    Step 11
  12. Review the information

    Step 12
  13. Click the Close button.

    Step 13
  14. Choose the Customer Number desired if necessary.


    Click the Row button.

    Step 14
  15. Click the Account Status menu.

    Step 15
  16. Click the Form button.

    Note: You can change or add customer information associated with the account.


    To do so click the Form button.

    Step 16
  17. Click the Who's Who menu.

    Step 17
  18. Click the Mailing Name field of the first blank line.

    Step 18
  19. Enter the contact's name into the Mailing Name field. For this lesson enter "TRAINING EXAMPLE".

    Step 19
  20. Click in the Title field.

    Step 20
  21. Complete the Title field. For this lesson enter "TRAINING".

    Step 21
  22. Scroll to the Type Code field.

    Step 22
  23. Click the drop down list of the Type Code field. 

    Step 23
  24. Select the correct Type Code. For this lesson click the OTHER list item.

    Step 24
  25. Click the OK button.

    Step 25
  26. Click the Form button.

    Step 26
  27. Click the Who's Who menu.

    Step 27
  28. Click your new entry.

    Step 28
  29. Click the Row button.

    Step 29
  30. Click on any of the following to make changes:



      Contact Information

      Email / Internet



    If you make changes click OK to return to this screen.  


    In this lesson we are not going to make any changes.

    Step 30
  31. Click the Cancel button.

    Step 31
  32. Click the Cancel button.

    Step 32
  33. Click the Close button.

    Step 33

You have successfully completed this lesson.

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