Requests to change existing addresss book records must be submitted to the Address Book section of AS - State Accounting. 


An end user must have an Address Book Role associated with his/her User ID in order to access the Address Book Request/Change application.


The Address Book Request/Change application is is used to request to changes existing address book records for the following Search Types: 

It is also used to submit electronic attachments for existing address book records. 


W-9 forms are to be submitted in advance of a vendor being added to the Address Book. (Please navigate to to find a blank W-9 form.) The agency may still enter the vendor Address Book HTML request form, but the request will be placed on temporary hold until the completed W-9 form is sent to State Accounting via email -, fax - (402) 471-0887, or regular mail. W-9 forms are required for the following: 

  • New Business
  • Change of business name or Tax ID
  • Business is operating under an individual's Social Security Number

Payment Terms - Any Federal Tax ID number receives Net 30. (If necessary, Payment Terms can be changed by using the Special Handling field in Voucher Processing.)

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