In order for a business or individual to receive payment from the State, an Address Book record must exist in the system. 


To have an Address Book record added or changed, a request must be submitted to the AS State Accounting, Address Book Team. 


The Address Book Role AB09 does not have the ability to submit Address Book Requests.  An end user must have an Address Book role other than AB09 in order to access the Address Book Request application. 


The Address Book Request application is used to request new Address Book records: 


W-9 forms are to be submitted in advance of a vendor being added to the Address Book. The agency may still enter the vendor Address Book Request form but the request will be placed on temporary hold until the completed Substitute W-9 form is submitted to AS State Accounting via: 

Substitute W-9 forms are required for the following: 

Payment Terms – Address Book records typically default to  Net 30.  Clientele payment terms can be applied to new records by selecting the Clientele Payment Terms checkbox.  If necessary, Payment Terms can be changed on payment by payment bases by using the Special Handling field in Voucher Processing. 

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