Entering daily timecards for employees allows hours to be entered for each day of the week on one row of the Daily Time Entry window


Separate timecards (grid rows) must be entered for a bonus or a lump sum amount. System supplied information can be overridden when necessary. For example, the account number and job location might be overridden when an employee works a job other than his or her regular job. The system uses this override information only once for the current pay period.


Entering timecards per pay period, or Line Detail allows summarized hours on each timecard (grid row) to be entered on the grid. Entering daily timecards for employees allows entry of hours for each day of the week on one row of the Daily Time Entry window.


Selecting employees using the Employee Master filter allows you to elect a group of employees who have common information such as a home business unit, supervisor, category code, work schedule, job type, check route code, or a combination of this information.


After selecting employees for time entry, you can enter timecards using time sheet groups, daily timecards, or timecards per pay period. You access daily and per pay period time entry from a Row exit and you access time sheet group time entry from a Form exit.


Completing fields in the tabbed areas of the window will automatically populate certain values for each timecard, such as shift code or job location


If an employee has Labor Distribution, the Timecard Allocation Program must be run to correctly update object codes after timecards are entered. 

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