Use Speed Time Entry to enter timecards for employees in a batch or to enter timecards for employees individually based on their employee number.


Speed Time Entry allows you to enter multiple employees on the same grid. Each line in the time entry grid represents one timecard. If an employee is being paid multiple pay types, then each line of time entry goes onto its own line in the time entry grid because only one pay type can be associated with each line of time entry.


Use Speed Time Entry when entering timecards for groups of employees. After the first timecard is entered, the system automatically supplies the address number from the previous line of time entry. This feature is helpful when entering multiple timecards for the same employee.


Completing fields in the tabbed areas of the window will automatically populate certain values for each timecard, such as shift code or job location.


If an employee has Labor Distribution, the Timecard Allocation Program must be run to correctly update object codes after timecards are entered. 

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