When you end the enrollment of an employee in a plan, the system will also end the enrollment of any dependents/beneficiaries attached to the employee’s plan. If the employee will be starting a new plan, you will also need to attach the dependents/beneficiaries to the new plan. Please refer to the Work Instructions for ‘Enrolling Dependent/Beneficiary’ to attach the dependent/beneficiaries to the new plan(s).


Note: For part-time employees enrolled in a plan that requires an amount/rate to be entered, changing the amount rate actually ends the plan with the old rate and starts the same plan with the new amount/rate. In this case, the dependents/beneficiaries enrollment will also be ended and will need to be re-enrolled in the same plan again with the new date of the new amount/rate.


Warning: Only use these work instructions to make changes that DO NOT affect the employee’s enrollment. For example, to make a correction to enrollment or date of a dependent/beneficiary enrollment. If you need to make changes to a dependent/beneficiary record that also affects the employee’s enrollment, please refer to the work instructions for Changing Enrollment with Eligibility. 

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