The agency Human Resources Representative can create dependent records so that an employee's dependent can participate in benefit plans, such as medical insurance. Beneficiary records can also be created so that an employee's Beneficiary will receive benefits from a plan, such as life insurance, in the event of the employee's death. (Note: this does NOT include beneficiaries for a retirement plan.) A person can be both a dependent and a beneficiary for an employee.


Note: Before beginning this instruction, be sure to know what plans the employee is enrolled in (including the begin date) and to which ones the employee wants to add Dependents/Beneficiaries. (The employee must be enrolled in benefits prior to proceeding with this process.)


Note: Be sure to know the employee's Home Business Unit.


Note: Be sure to know the dependent/beneficiary Social Security Numbers. (If the dependent/beneficiary Social Security Number is unknown, please refer to step 8 in this instruction for alternative entry options.) 

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