To enroll an employee in benefit plans that have eligibility requirements, you use the enrollment with eligibility feature. For you to use this feature, the employee must be assigned to a Benefit Group. When you enroll an employee, the system displays only the Plans assigned to the Benefit Group that has been assigned to the Employee Master record. The enrollment process tests for eligibility and assigns the applicable enrollment status and date to the employee's record, depending on which eligibility requirements are met.


When an employee is enrolled in benefits, the instructions for any employee-paid deductions and any State-paid benefit amounts are automatically created in the Employee Instructions, in the Payroll system. This integration increases data integrity and reduces errors.


The system displays the selected employee's Benefit Group information:

Warning: You must have completed the Enrollment Effective Date field on the Employee Master prior to Enrolling an Employee in Benefits using Enrollment with Eligibility. 

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