When an employee is transferred to another department within their agency, the supervisor, home business unit and position ID must be changed via the Employee Master. If the job attached to the new position is different from the employee's previous job, the job must be changed. Typically the employee's salary or hourly rate also will be changed. The employee master screens should be reviewed for any additional changes that may be necessary. Benefits should also be reviewed for any possible changes. Please note: If changes are made to an employee's benefit enrollments, you will also need to change the dependent/beneficiary enrollment.


Note: The agency's Authorized Security Agent should be notified to make appropriate changes to Security and Batch Management. If this employee works in Procurement, ensure the appropriate changes are made to Approval Routes. 


If an Employee's benefit group or pay frequency changes, the employee's benefits will need to be changed. End the employee's current benefits and re-enroll them in the appropriate benefits.


Warning: When an employee's benefits are stopped, benefits for any dependents/beneficiaries attached to the plan will automatically be stopped as well. If any dependents/beneficiaries are attached to existing enrollments, they will need to be re-enrolled in the new plans. 

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