Jobs are defined so that you can track pay and other types of information about the jobs within the State.


Employees are assigned to jobs. When you define a job, you can track additional information that is unique to the job. You can review job information and the employees who are assigned to a particular job.


For example, if a Trainer/Instructor job requires that an employee be PC literate, have previous experience as an instructor, facilitation skills and patience, you can track the skills required for the job.


Job Code will be the new term used for classification code. Eliminating the next to last number has shortened this code.


Standard Occupational Codes and Census Codes will also be used in the Job Master for reporting.


Pay Grades and Step Tables have been established for the Labor Contract and a Pay Grade Table has been established for the Rules and Non-Classified titles.


For  the Rules pay grades, a 00 grade step for each salary grade has been established which will be the default to the Minimum Hiring Rate for employees. When an employee is hired into a Rules Job Code, this will be the default for the employee’s beginning pay rate. A warning will be generated if the rate is exceeded. This is the only step that has been established for Rules pay grades.


Grade Steps are already included in the Pay Grade and Step Table for the Labor Contract Salary Grades. This does not preclude an employee from being placed between steps.


Supplemental Data is available to store Position Description Questionnaires (PDQ), used to create jobs.


Job information is entered to identify and define the jobs within the State. Initial job information includes information such as the following: 

Supplemental data is any type of information that you track that is not already provided for by the system.


For jobs, typical types of supplemental data might include the following: 

You can review jobs by employee to verify job information, as well as review a list of employees who are assigned to a job. 

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