Payroll Human Resources User Group Meeting Notes

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

9:00am - Noon


Q: What date does the Retirement look at for start date?  What date does the leave look at?

A: Years of service for leave calculations is based on Adjusted Service Date.  Retirement deductions start based on enrollment date entered in Enrollment with Eligibility.  Retirement Board determines when deductions should begin.


Q: Can we run time card adjustments thru the Interim process?  This would include a large group of employees. 

A: No, an interim would need to be prepared for each employee.


Q: Can timecard adjustments be done at any other time than when the payroll runs for the employee? (Similar to the processing of the old Position Expenditure Transfers (PET) on NEIS).  Reason would be for Federal Grant purposes in the timing of turning in Federal reports especially when it's time to do a final report.

A: Timecards can only be processed in a payroll.  Journal Entries could be processed to correct General Ledger.


Q: On the Employee History log, does it show history form another agency. 

A: Yes, if the employee transferred from another agency, you will be able to see the history information.  However, when an employee transfers from your agency, you will no longer have access to their information.


Q: Is there a way that part time leave can be setup to calculate correctly?

A: The leave does calculate correctly, but doesn't display correctly on pay stubs without overriding Basis.


Q: Does NIS calculate leave for part time employees or do we still have to do one-time overrides?

A: NIS does calculate, but still need to do One-time Overrides to correct basis.


Q: Will comp. time balances ever be put on check stubs?

A: No, this would be a modification to the pay stub.


Q: Who is our resource person to call when work on a new NIS report, and can't get it to work? 

A: Contact the IMS Help Desk and they will put you in contact with someone who can help.


Q: Need list of members on different committees - RUG, SHRUG, PHRUG, etc.

A: We will need to check with the members of the Reports and Inquiries User Group to see if they want to make their contact information available.


Q: Are comp. balances correct on the leave report?  On pay stub?

A: Balances are not on pay stub.  Balances are correct on Leave Report unless Pay Type 895 is used.  This will be alleviated in 8.10.


Q: What is the schedule for purging terminated employees (leave report)?

A: There are no immediate plans for purging employees.


Q: Elaborate on students and exempt status.  What qualifies exempt status?  Is it our responsibility to verify exemption?

A: Students in the employ of an educational institution are exempt from FICA taxes.  Anyone can claim exempt from withholding of State and Federal taxes, but must file a new W-4 each year.


Q: How can we find our employees home phone numbers in an orderly fashion?

A: Margo Sawyer is working on security for this.  This will be available sometime after 8.10.


Q: When you have a rehire, will the leave history automatically reappear in the tables, or do we have to contact DAS Accounting to have leave reinstalled?

A: Terminated employees are now rolled over so sick and leave balance should reappear.  "Retired" employees rehired should not have a balance because special DBA should have been used to eliminate the balance after the 1/4 payout.


Q: How do you look at one time overrides at each payroll run?

A: After pre-payroll has run, DBA detail can be accessed online via Row, Payment Review.  One-time overrides will have a Basis of 1.00.


Q: Is it harmful to delete payroll reports from "submitted jobs" before paychecks for that payroll are issued, if you have already printed or saved the report you need?

A: No, the reports can be deleted from your submitted job queue.


Q: Could Department of Revenue provide a form for employees to use to increase or change State Tax information.  Or can the agency design their own?

A: Department of Revenue has continued to use Federal forms to save money.


Q: Could Direct Deposit for please require a copy of deposit slip or check to be attached?

A: The deposit slip or check is not required, but is highly recommended.


Q: When will ESS be used for New Hire enrollment Benefits - Statewide?

A: Agencies who are interested in utilizing ESS - New Hire should contact State Personnel - Benefits.



Q: Would like a report to show aging of comp. time not used so we can watch closer of the 90 days Payroll timing.

A: There are many different rules regarding the payoff of unused Comp. Time due to Bargaining Contracts, Personnel Rules, and Regulations, etc.  It would be difficult to create a report to accommodate all of the different scenarios.


Q: Is there a report that shows negative vacation and sick leave balances after you run your first pre-payroll?  Right now, we look through all employees manually on payroll register.

A: There isn't a report that gives this information.