Payroll Human Resources User Group Meeting Notes

Thursday, October 13, 2005

1:30pm - 4:30pm


Q1: Where is 26 week Wage Statement for Worker's Compensation?

A1: Human Resources and Payroll - Agencies > Inquiries & Reports > Payroll Reports > Wage History Report.  Enter the NIS Address Book number for the Employee and the begin date.


Q2: Can you please make sure that everyone signed up for the meeting gets the email with the presentation manual?  Also send out the PHRUG announcement of when the meeting is and to sign up if you want to attend.

A2:  Announcements for the PHRUG meetings and the Powerpoint presentations are sent to the NIS Flash Memo contact list.  If you need to be added to the list, please email Lindsey Miller at


Q3: Should we be taking out retirement from Board members per diem?

A3: Check the board/commission statutes.  If they are employed full time with another agency and are contributing to retirement, then retirement should be taken


Q4: Are interim payments included in pay check history listing (Payroll Review and Void, Pay Stub Review)? 

A4: Yes, however Interim payments will appear for your employees only.


Q5: On an Interim Payroll Register, how can we tell what business unit the check was charged to?  How can we bring up the coding?  We have an individual who had Federal Coding who went to work for another State Agency.  That Agency is sending us the Payroll Register from the Interim, but to charge it to Federal Funds we need the Time and Pay Entry Journal to prove it was changed to Federal Funds.

A5: Bob Halada from State Accounting will send the appropriate reports.


Q6: Unemployment - are directors eligible for unemployment? If not, why? Are there other full time, permanent employees not eligible for unemployment (other than those fired for gross misconduct)?
A6: (Thank you to Jill Schreck and Linda Shimek from Dept. of Labor for helping to answer this question) There are many instances that employees are not eligible for unemployment Insurance benefits. It may be due to their position or what kind of employer they work for. People can be determined ineligible due to minimum earnings. Disqualifications can take place on quits and fires. As of 9/4/2005, separations that occurred after this date and is determined to be disqualifying will have a 12 week disqualification. There are also gross disqualifications and one week disqualifications. We look at each situation on a case by case basis.


Q7: Where do you find the instructions to do year-end balancing?  Last year, we sent a list to someone in DAS to do it.  Is it the one you use for terminations? 

A7: 1440 sick leave will be done by DAS.  Agencies do the vacation balancing.  Please refer to the State Accounting Manual - Leave Balance Procedures - Calendar Year End. 


Q8: When an individual transfers from one agency as biweekly to another agency that is monthly, is it possible for me as a monthly agency to stop the biweekly benefits and change the benefits to a monthly benefit?  In the past I have had Susie Voecks stop the biweekly codes. 

A8: Agencies can do this; please refer to the Transferring Work Instructions in the NIS HR/Payroll manual.


Q9: Can you print a field from data sequencing that does not normally show on the report?

A9: No.  Data Sequencing will change the order of information on the report, but will not make information appear on the report that does not already appear.


Q10: Do other agencies have procedures in place to compare payroll with the General Ledger?  Auditors are concerned that payroll could be reset after certification.

A10:  If a change is made to Payroll (without resetting Payroll) between certification and Final Update (when the Payroll hits the General Ledger), Payroll will go into "Changes Only" and will not process in Final Update until it has been re-certified.


Q11: On Enrollment with Eligibility, what date do you put in the User Def Date 11-2 field?  What date do you use for a new monthly employee and what do you use for a change of benefits?

A11: One month prior to effective date (or effective date of benefit)


Q12: Why can't the User Def Date 11-2 field name be changed?

A12: This can be done and will be addressed after 8.10 upgrade. 


Q13: Do University/State Split employees enroll online for Open Enrollment?

A13: No.

Split (2 full time employee) - enroll online

Splits (University employee) - do not enroll online

Splits (1 part time employee) - do not enroll online

Part Time employees - do not enroll online


Q14: Can you run a leave report for a past pay period or a specific period of time that is past.  I believe the report is not pulling up accurately or not pulling up at all when trying to run in the past.

A14: No, this report will only show current balances, not balances as of a past pay date.


Q15: What is the purpose of having everyone go into NIS for open enrollment - just to print a confirmation statement?

A15:  No.  Flexible Spending Accounts must be updated with new deduction amounts every year and we have an expanded Vision Plan available this year.  By requiring employees to update these two options, as well as, validate their previous elections, the number of problems that arise after Open Enrollment are significantly reduced.


Q16: How do you fix inactive position number?  Everything I tried didn't work as I recreated position again with same number.

A16: The problem was that the business unit on the position number did not match the business unit on the employee.  When the position was recreated, it was created with the same business unit as the employee.  This eliminated the conflict with the business unit.  If the original position should not be used in the future (the one with the conflicting business unit), the position should be closed & the position and budget status' should be changed.  Please see the Closing a Position work instructions in the NIS HR/Payroll Training Manual.


Q17: Can titles of data selection and the path be put on the title (is this the right word) or first page of the report?  Which report?

A17:  For a cost, reports can be modified to include a 2-3 page cover sheet including Data Selection.  The Reports and Inquiries User Group is researching reports and determining if a cover sheet is needed.  If a cover sheet is recommended by the Reports and Inquiries User Group, funding options will be considered.


Ideas for Improvement:

  • The Wage History Report may be a better report to place in file for a terminated or transferring employee.
  • Can Employee Name be added to Time Allocation Report?  This will be addressed after the 8.10 upgrade.
  • Get comp time used and earned and balances correct on pay stubs.  Comp Time will not be reflected on the pay stub the same way vacation and sick leave are.  This would be a major modification to the pay stub.  Employees can access comp time balances via Employee Self Service, Leave Balance Inquiry.
  • Data Sequencing user guide/instructions.  Instructions on how to use Data Sequencing will be included in the work instructions developed by the Reports and Inquiries User Group.
  • Find a way to see the old name of a person (ex. maiden name).  There is no history on the address book, ex:  name, address changes.  However, on the Employee Master, Employee Information > Personal, there is a field 'Birth Name'.  Agencies could use this field to record the maiden name.
  • Send home orange papers for people to write ideas on for improvement. When they are out in the field.  Ideas for improvement can be emailed to Lindsey Miller at any time (
  • Comprehensive list of reports that should be run periodically - the frequency, report ID, parameters, etc.  With work instructions attached.  The Reports and Inquires User Group is working on a Quick Reference Card with this information.
  • When discussing one agency doing an interim who has a transfer, it was said that it should be done but not how to do it.  Please refer to the Interim Payments Overview in the NIS HR/Payroll Manual.
  • As you look at who actually runs NIS - it's middle aged people.  As is evident by the Benefits Manager, we need some basic computer classes.  NIS is driven by your knowledge of computer software, email, excel, word, etc.  We need to educate this "middle aged" group so they can more effectively do their jobs.  I for one would welcome computer classes almost everyone in my office could use this training except the IT people.  Some agencies have designed internal user groups that provide training and others send employees to external computer courses for learning opportunities.  Please contact Jim Pritchard with DAS-IMS for more information on basic computer learning opportunities.