Payroll Human Resources User Group Meeting Notes

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

8:30am - 11:30am


Q: What does US Bank charge the State for Payroll Cards?

A: Payroll cards are no cost to the State.


Q: What are the fees to employees for Payroll Card?

A: If the card is lost, the employee can get a new one within 2 days for $5.00.


Q: What does an employee do if they lose their Payroll card on a Saturday afternoon when the bank and State Agencies are closed?

A: Call 1-866-363-4134 (number on back of card).


Q: Do you have to re-enroll dependents/beneficiaries in plans when the employee has a change in Benefit plan/groups?

A: Yes.Anytime a plan that has dependents/beneficiaries attached is stopped/ended, you will need to reattach the dependents/beneficiaries, even if it is the same plan.


Q: What parts of ESS are active?

A: ESS-Time Entry (for those agencies using it), Pay Stub Inquiry, Leave Balance Inquiry, and Personal Profile.


Q: How do you reverse an incorrect entry of leave?(Ex. Mistakenly enter vacation instead of sick leave)

A: Enter negative number of hours on the next pay card for vacation and enter a positive number of hours for the sick leave.


Q: How do you zero out vacation balance when an employee terminates?

A: Charge to vacation payout code (330) or utilize the leave adjustment Pay Types.Reference State Accounting Policy # 30.


Q: Ex. You are entering a new hire on the Enrollment with Eligibility screen and get an error message, "invalid date," when setting up benefits.

A: Enter Enrollment Effective Date on the User Defined Date 11-20 screen in Employee Information (Human Resources and Payroll - Agencies > Employee Maintenance > Employee Information).You will then be able to enroll the employee successfully using Enrollment with Eligibility.


Q: How many agencies are bi-weekly and how many are monthly?

A: A little more than half are bi-weekly.


Q: How many years of benefit history will remain on the Terminate/Override screen when you click on "Past Enrollment"?

A: Currently, there is no plan to purge the information.So, 100% history will appear on the screen.


Q: Where do you find User Defined Date?

A: HR/Payroll-Agencies > Employee Maintenance > Employee Information.Choose Employee, click Row, User Def. Date 11-20.


Q: Are there different benefit groups for State Splits?

A: Yes, (Ex. SSMON1, etc.).The benefit group must change when/if there is a status change.


Q: What do you need to do when Terminating an Employee?

A: Follow the Terminating an Employee work instructions on the website.Make sure you do the following:

  • Change pay status
  • Make sure all benefits (including leave plan ID's) are ended

        Benefit Status

        Termination Date

        Position ID Ė terminated employees should be blank

        Employment Status

        Date Pay Stops


Q: Please send state split spreadsheet and a description of the benefit groups to HR Contacts.

A.Reference HR/Payroll Documentation on the NIS website, Lesson 11, Quick Reference Cards.(Benefit Groups Eligibility under Benefits)

There will be a new method of tracking state splits and information about that method will be circulated as soon as itís ready.


Q: Should we use code 893 to adjust leave balances for retirees?

A: No, use code 892.You also may use code 30 or 40 with the Lump Sum amounts on time cards to adjust usage.(If you use code 30 or 40 with a lump sum amount without also entering hours, leave balances will not be affected.)Code 893 was designed for recording donated sick leave (reducing the sick leave balance). The code was not used and subsequently forfeited.


Q: When and employee's Home Business Unit changes, does this also have to be changed on Dependent/Beneficiary records?

A: Yes.


Q: How do you run the Seniority report?

A: Reference HR/Payroll Documentation on the NIS website, Lesson 10, Running Reports.


Q: Is Manager Self Service (MSS) up and running.

A: Not completely.However, managers can view their employees leave balances through Managers Workbench and approve/return their automated timecards if your agency has implemented Time Entry.


Q: Is there a way to easily fix Position Status Updates?

A: These updates must be made manually.Unclear about what is meant by Position Status Updates, however, all changes can be made to positions through Position Control on the HR/Payroll Ė Agencies menu.Also, reference the HR/Payroll documentation on the NIS website, Lesson 4, Position Control.


Q: How do I know if I want to use Employee Self Service -Time Entry?Would like to see a demo.

A: For more information, contact Lindsey Miller, NIS Training Lead or Steve Lortz, NIS Payroll Lead.


Q: When is ESS - Time Entry coming to all agencies?

A: Agencies interested in using ESS-Time Entry should contact Lindsey Miller or Steve Lortz.


Q: Can you get a listing of home phone numbers for Employees without doing individual lookup?(Want to get the whole group at one time).

A: At this time, No.The NIS team is working on security for a report that will give addresses and phone numbers.A flash will go out once this is complete and ready for users.


Q: Does part time leave accrual automatically update or do we still have to do One Time Overrides?

A: Do a One Time Override to update part time leave accrual and include the override amount in the Basis field.Make sure to enter in both the amount and the basis columns.


Q: How do bus passes work?

A: Contact Susan Kroeger @ DAS-Building Division.


Q: Is there a limit number of characters in an address line 1?BC/BS sent reject letters without the proper address.

A: The size of address line 1 is 40 characters.All characters in address line1 are being sent to all vendors.


Q: If I rehire an employee within the 5 years, will their leave automatically repopulate when I hire them back?

A: NIS will rollover terminated employees every year, so any existing leave balances will carry forward each year.You will still need to begin/enroll them in the appropriate leave plans when they return.


Q: If a married couple are both State employees, can they both have their pay deposited to the same payroll card?

A: Yes, however, there is only 1 card allowed per account.


Q: Can one person have more than one payroll card?

A: One payroll card is allowed per account.


Q: Can others who work somewhere else (not state employees) have direct deposit onto a State employee's payroll card?

A: No


Q:If a terminated employee shows benefits on "Payroll Adjustment to Leave Balances" report, what date should be used to stop benefits?

A: Employee's Termination Date. Reference the PHRUG presentation on Benefit Dates (July 19, 2005 presentation).For termination, it will be the last day of the pay period that deductions need to be taken for the employee.


Q: Must an inactive employee be reactivated before benefits can be removed?

A: No, benefits can be ended without reactivating an employee.However, the employee does have to be reactivated to adjust leave balances.


Q: How do we enter One Time Overrides to adjust leave earnings?

A: Enter on One Time Override screen under both Hours and Pay Basis columns.


Ideas for Improvement

    • The name of this has changed from PUG to PHRUG to include HR.Is this a good format to present HR type issues such as FMLA, CAT, recruitment, interviewing strategies, etc.? That type of information may be more appropriately addressed at the Interactive Information Forums (IIF).If you have specific ideas for presentations, please contact Shannon Moncure at DAS State Personnel 471-3053 or
    • Send "updates and Flashes" earlier in the day if you can.Some people leave earlier (4:00) and miss them.Ex. PHRUG meeting agenda that some people didn't bring with them.The PHRUG presentation will be made available to meeting participants as soon as possible before the meeting.
    • Implement Blane's idea for PDBA codes to accumulate in one common area (like comp time) so we don't need to have DAS change the history.Oracle has accepted a white paper from a userís group requesting this change.