Payroll Human Resources User Group Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

9:30am - Noon


Q1: Are Agencies responsible for entering dependent/beneficiary information?

A1: Yes.  It is critical to enter dependent/beneficiary information at the same time you are entering the employee elections so that all information is transferred to the insurance vendors simultaneously.


Q2: If you forget to put dependent/beneficiary on a plan (ex. Family coverage), does State Personnel see it first before it goes to the vendor?

A2:  No.  However, the vendor will notify State Personnel if something is incorrect. The goal is to enter the information correctly the first time so the employee’s coverage is not jeopardized.


Q3: If you have two employees in one agency with the same dependents/beneficiaries, which employee has dependents attached to their plans?

A3: It doesn't matter.  Both employees should have dependents/beneficiaries attached because each employee has a separate insurance benefit, Life, Health, etc. 


Q4: Do you have to attach dependents to Dependent Life Insurance?

A4: No.  This information is not reported because the employee is the beneficiary.


Q5: Do you add dependents/beneficiaries to Flexible Spending (Medical/Child Care)?

A5: No


Q6: What do you do if you have dependents/beneficiaries with the same birth date (Ex. Multiple birth)? 

A6: Contact Janet Hansen at State Personnel – Benefits (


Q7: How do you know if a dependent is over the age of 70 and needs a different life option?

A7: You can run the Dependents Status Report (All Dependents over Maximum Age.)  Click here to navigate to the Work Instructions.


Q8: If Home Business Unit changes for the employee do we need to change the Home Business unit for all the employee's dependents and beneficiaries?

A8: Yes.  Employees and their dependents and beneficiaries need to be considered one unit.


Q9: If an employee changes their address, do we need to change the address for the dependents and beneficiaries (if they are living at the same address)?

A9: Yes. 


Q10: If you change the amount/rate on a part time employee using the Enrollment with Eligibility screen, the enrollment ends for the dependent/beneficiary. 

A10: Dependents/Beneficiaries will have to be re-added using the new rate. 


Q11: Will there be a problem with entering an employees Home Business Unit if their Dependent/Beneficiary works for another State agency?

A11: No, dependent/beneficiary would have 2 address book records, one for E (Employee) and one for Q (Dependent/Beneficiary).  Changes to the Q record do not effect changes to the E record.


Q12: Can you add dependents/beneficiaries on the Terminate/Override screen? 

A12: The most consistent and accurate method of entry is the add dependents/beneficiaries through the Attach Dependents/Beneficiaries menu option.


Q13: What do you do when you attach a newborn? This Q&A needs to be developed more so it makes sense   SUGGESTION:  When an employee has a newborn child, how do you attach them to the employee’s plan?

A13:  The dates will not match.

First, establish an address book number for the newborn, review the employee’s coverage to make sure the level of coverage includes the newborn and then using the Attach Dependents/Beneficiaries menu option, attach the newborn to the employee’s plan.  If the employee does not have the newborn’s SSN, enter the word NEWBORN in SSN field on the Address Book.


Q14: Which end dates are used when employee changes or ends benefits for payroll?

A14:  Consult your payroll calendar as benefits should not be extended past the last day of the month in which the employee terminates.


Q15: If a Dependent/Beneficiary is entered incorrectly during Open Enrollment, who corrects this? (ex. Name showing in address field)

A15: Employee's can view the information using ESS - Current Elections, but will not be able to make changes.  If changes need to be made, the Employee can contact their HR Staff and the HR Staff can make changes to the Dependent/Beneficiary record outside of ESS Open Enrollment.  Beneficiaries are not currently being sent to vendor.


Q16: Do Agencies have access to Employee History?  The agency is unable to view the History of an employee if the employee has transferred to another agency.  If questions arise, the agency cannot drill into these screens for the information.

A16: Before an agency transfers an Employee (prior to changing the Security business unit to S001234567), they can run the Employee History Log.  Click here to navigate to Work Instructions for Running the Employee History Log.  Otherwise, the previous agency will have to contact the new agency for Employee History information. 


Q17: Employees that transfer to another agency are not readily available to view by the transferring agency.  That individuals payroll and employee records cannot be viewed.

A17: See A16. 


Q18: How often are terminated employees purged?

A18: None have been purged yet and it has not been determined yet when/if that will be done.


Q19: How will Terminated employees be able to access their payroll information?  If they discard their payroll stubs they will not have access to that information via ESS.

A19: They will need to contact their last HR department or State Accounting


Q20: What termination date is sent to the vendor?

A20: When an employee terminates sometime during a specific month, all vendors are

receiving the last day of that month as the termination date for benefits.


Q21: Does Walgreen's now charge the actual price for drugs rather than the $11.00 copay? 

A21: If the drug is less than $11.00, Walgreen's should charge the actual price of the drug.  If you are not getting that price, please contact DAS State Personnel-Benefits (


Q22: If an employee is re-hired and had a sick leave balance when they left (left in a previous year), will that balance be reinstated in the current year or do we need to notify DAS to have it pulled over as the current year beginning balance? 

A22: Future Leave Rollover processing will include Terminated employees, so balance should always be there.  Contact State Accounting for further questions. 


Q23: Cannot pull reports off: it says security issue so I have to go back out to the main menu and come back in.  The Payroll register will show up then.  It is not: pop-up ad, security, batch management, or computer.

A23: This is not an NIS issue; it is most likely due to Internet settings on individual PC.


Q24: On the View Submit Job status screen, I would like the most current reports on top of the list instead of the bottom.

A24: This cannot be controlled.


Q25: When entering a new EE, you get a duplicate error.  They may work for another agency.

A25: Search the Address Book before adding a new employee to NIS. Contact DAS Personnel - Benefits to find out what agency the Employee previously worked for.


Q26: How do you change social security numbers on splits?

A26: Click here to navigate to Work Instructions for Changing Dependent/Beneficiary Information.


Q27: When can HR be able to go into NIS and change our employee's beginning leave balances?

A27: This raises a red flag for the Auditors.  Only a few people have access to change history.  Leave balances can be corrected by the agency without changing history.  State Accounting policy and Work Instructions are forthcoming.


Q28: When will new Hires be able to enter benefits online using ESS?

A28: We are still working on this.  This is actually Benefits for New Hires.

DAS State Personnel-Benefits is beginning to roll this functionality out agency-by-agency. 


Q29: Do the names need to be looked at? 

A29: Most were fixed during Open Enrollment.  Try to enter them correctly from here on out. Use the Entering Information into the Address Book for HR/Payroll Quick Reference Card for information on how to enter names correctly.


Q30: ESS Time Entry - who is using this?  We are using Excel spreadsheets and then uploading this into customized grids in NIS time entry.

A30: Agencies can continue with time sheets in the way they have done them in the past.  ESS Time Entry is an option available.  Contact the NIS Payroll Lead for more information.


Q31: ESS Open Enrollment -

a.       LTD - 5 and 6 options?

a.   Long Term Disability – If employees were previously enrolled in LTD Options 5 or 6 they can continue coverage.  Since last year was our first online Open Enrollment, Options 5 and 6 had to remain an election. 

b.      Zoo deductions - $12.00, what about $.04

c. Will we have to re-enter our insurance?


a. Will have to check set up

b. Use a One Time Override to correct - Paul Carlson will be checking into.

c..  The goal is to rollover existing coverage’s and only require employees to make new coverage elections. 


Q32: When will comp time balances show on check stubs?

A32: Information not on check stub but they can view in ESS.


Q33: Can we add service years, tax exemptions, and marital status to pay stubs?

A33: Maybe someday.  This is a customization to NIS.


Q34: Why don't tax exemptions and additional withholdings show on pay stubs?  Will they ever?

A34: Maybe someday - this is a customization to NIS.


Q35: Tax withholding - not on W2, m/single, number exemptions, ee's asking, not on pay checks, not on ESS

A35: Possible future ESS Information.  ESS has W-4 information.  Anything else is a customization to NIS.


Q36: What is the schedule for all bi-weekly going to same pay period ending date? Will there be a place to access Tax Information? M/x and Number of Dy?

A36: All bi-weekly pay periods will not have the same ending date.  Tax information is accessed from the Tax Overrides screen.  Currently, no plan is in place to add the information on pay stubs or Employee Self Service.


Q37: Why do we have to do zoo via deduction at all?

A37: You do not have to have the zoo deduction as a payroll deduction.  The Employee can also write a check for the entire amount and submit to the zoo.


Q38: What Powerpoint version do you use for the User Group presentations?

A38: Powerpoint 2003 SP1


Q39: What are all the procedures we need to do for Position Control Roll over on June 30?

A39: Nothing needs to be done by the agencies unless there are positions they do not want to be created in the new year.  In this case, HR will want to end and close those positions (Budget Status and Position Status.)


Q40: On monthly payroll, employee divorces, six months has expired, employee stops family coverage 3/31/05 and starts 4-party coverage 4/1/05.  What date do I use as insurance term date?

A40: Continue to do as we have been doing with month lag dates.  Use the appropriate date in conjunction with your pay period and payroll dates.


Q41: Explain excludable gross pay.

A41: "Tax sheltered" deductions - health, vision, parking, deferred compensation, retirement, etc.


Q42: Payroll cards - are they re-loaded every pay date?

A42: The amount of net pay is added to the balance of the card each pay day.


Q43: What if your payroll card is lost or stolen?  Who gets in touch with US Bank?

A43: Talk to State Accounting Administrator.  USBank will replenish everything except $5.00 to pay for a replacement card.


Q44: New hire March 23.  The employee showed up on March payroll but no taxes came out.

A44: Must do interim payroll due to month lag.


Q45: Do you always have to do an interim paycheck for the first pay to a new hire?

A45: Yes, if monthly.


Q46: Adjusting Accruals, how?

A46: One time override.  Adj and current month accrual.