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Leave - Part Time Leave Without Pay


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Just a reminder.  For Available Balances to reflect accurately on Pay-Stubs, a One-Time-Override has to be done for people enrolled in Part-Time Plans and for people with any "Without Pay" during the pay period.


The One-Time Override needs to reflect the hours the person should accrue during the pay-period.  That same number of hours needs to go in BOTH the Amount column and in the Hours/Basis column on the One-Time-Override.


In the screen shot below, Blane only worked 75% of the pay-period and was in a Leave Without Pay status 25% of the payperiod, so the OTO is for 5.78 vacation and 6.93 sick (75% of the full-time rate of  7.70 and 9.24). 



I updated PDBA History screens so that the Amount and Pay Basis Columns for Part-Time people (PDBA Codes of 8508, 8509, 8510, 8511, 8550, 8551,8552, 8553, 8555, 8557, 8559, 8561, 8562, 8575, 8576, 8577, 8578, 8583, 85840) match.  The Amount  and Pay Basis Columns of the PDBA History screen must match for the Pay-Stub "Available Balance" to be correct. 


Also remember, if an employee has data in more than one Sick or one Vacation PDBA History screen, their Available Balance will be wrong on the Pay-Stub and on the on-line Benefit/Accrual Screen -- the system counts "used" hours for each PDBA History screen .   When an employee moves from one Accrual Code to another (Rules to Union, Union to Rules.....) the data in the old one needs to be moved to the new one.  An email to Patty Richard will get that done for you. 


GOOD NEWS. We believe we've come up with some solutions for a couple of these issues.  We believe we will be able to avoid the One-Time-Override on part-time people and avoid moving the balances from one to another.  But, we may need to wait until roll-over next year -- stay tuned.


If you aren't able to open the Screen Shots above, or if you have any questions, please give me a call. 


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