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New ID Cards, Benefit Confirmation Statements, and PCP's


New Benefit ID Cards
If an employee has been issued an incorrect ID card from any of these vendors, or needs a temporary card because they have not received their ID card yet, please have them follow the instructions below. **IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to a new Federal Law regarding the use of social security numbers, insurance carriers will not be utilizing employee social security numbers on ID cards. However, if a members ID card is not available, insurance carriers are still recognizing employees by their social security number to allow for coverages.

Mutual of Omaha: Contact the Mutual membership number at: 1-800-224-0350.

NOTE REGARDING Mutual PCP (Primary Care Physician numbers): If employees have an incorrect PCP number on their ID card, they should first contact their agency HR staff so the change can be documented and sent to Susie Voecks, DAS Benefits Division. Susie will update NIS with the correct information. Once this is done, the new PCP number will automatically be sent to Mutual on the next weekly file transfer. A new ID card for that employee will be generated and sent to the employee. In cases where the PCP number was left blank, Mutual used a default PCP number. According to Mutual, this will not inhibit an employee from visiting their selected PCP.

(A flash was sent to all HR contacts on 11/16/04 with a spreadsheet to record PCP numbers for entry by Susie). If you need a copy of this flash/spreadsheet, it can be found at:

BCBS: Contact the BCBS membership office at: 1-800-642-3022

Ameritas Dental: Contact 1-800-487-5553

VSP Vision: No ID cards are issued with VSP. For claims information: 1-800-877-7195

Walgreens / WHI (Walgreens Health Initiatives):
Contact: 1-800-207-2568 OR
Register on-line for a temporary card at:

Walgreens contacted us to say that ID cards will be distributed to employees on December 29 and 30. What this may mean is that some employees will not receive their ID cards prior to January 1, 2005; however, they will arrive shortly thereafter. For employees who do not receive their ID card, but need a prescription filled, they can provide a participating pharmacy with this group number #514836 and their social security number (for verification purposes), and the pharmacy will fill their prescription.

If the employee chooses to register on-line, they will receive a welcome note like this: Welcome to the Walgreens Health Initiatives web site. Thank you for registering at You now can gain Internet access to your personal prescription benefit information via the Walgreens Health Initiatives web site. You can look up medications and verify your coverage and copayment; get drug information; verify if a drug is on our Formulary; compare copays between generic and brand drugs; access your prescription history; verify eligible family members; and much more. Please visit often for all your prescription benefit needs.

FYI -- Underwriting needed for employees who selected more than one increment of supplemental life insurance coverage during Open Enrollment:
Employees who elected to increase their supplemental/optional life insurance by more than one increment have received a letter from Janet Mickelsen, DAS Benefits Division. Included with the letter was sent the Evidence of Insurability forms that need to be completed and returned directly to Mutual of Omaha. When the underwriting process is complete, a letter will be sent to Janet's attention approving or denying the coverage. A copy of the letter will also be sent to the appropriate human resource office so the employee can be set up in NIS with the appropriate premium deductions.

Lists of these employees are being circulated to those agencies who had employees who fell within this category. Not all agencies were affected, therefore not all agencies will receive a list of employees. Several employees have contacted Janet indicating they only wanted the first increment that did not require medical underwriting. They have been instructed to contact their human resource office to set them up at the guaranteed level of coverage.

The level of coverages included Flat $5K, 1X, 2X and 3X. There may have been some confusion on the employee's part as to what the first level was, so some/many/all employees thought one increase would be from 1x to 2x.

Benefit Confirmation Statements:
Some problems have been identified when running employee confirmation statements that include Optional Life and Dependent Life insurance coverages for split employees. In some cases, the deduction amount does NOT display on the confirmation statements. This can happen when either the employee runs a Current Elections statement via ESS and/or the human resources staff run confirmation statements. We hope to have this problem resolved early next week. Please re-run confirmation statements for employees who are splits after January 5th. The problem should be resolved by then.

Click here for work instructions illustrating how to run confirmation statements either by individual, by a list of employees, or by Security Business Unit.

Dependent and Beneficiary Entry:
There may still be some confusion on which instructions to use when entering dependent and beneficiary information for employees. The work instructions can be found at

Please utilize these work instructions any time you must enter dependent and beneficiary information.

The SBU on the AddressBook record for Dependents & Beneficiaries is a Financial BU, so HR staff won't be able to see those records. NIS is working on fixing that and will contact you as soon as the fix (or work-around) is in place. In the meantime, if you need a particular Dependent &Beneficiary fixed, you can e-mail Deb Bandiola and she can change it so the agency can access the record.

Some employee names and/or addresses show up incorrectly in NIS...
We have discovered some cases where employees have had a recent name or address change, history files have been populating/overwriting current information in NIS. This problem is not widespread. A call has been opened with PeopleSoft's support to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.