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12-09-2013 - Fixed Asset Coordinator Meeting Presentation - PDF


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Section 1

Definitions & General Information (updated 09/08/2006)

Section 2

Statute Authority (updated 09/08/2006)

Section 3

Frequently Asked Questions (updated 10/03/2006)

Section 4

General Procedures for All Items Arriving at Surplus Property

Section 5

Requests for Adjustments (updated 10/03/2006)

Section 6

Requests for Trade In of Property (updated 10/03/2006)

Section 7

Information of Electronic Recycling (updated 02/02/2007)

Section 8

Maintaining & Changing Information on Existing Assets

Section 9

Requests for Destruction of State Property - Disposal Process (updated 10/03/2006)

Section 10

Year-End Asset Reporting

Section 11

Fixed Asset Reports

Section 12

Disposition of Lost or Missing Items

Section 13

Surplusing of Vehicles

Section 14

Surplusing of Hazardous Items

Section 15

Communication Equipment

Section 16

Forms (updated 05/27/2014)

Section 17

Barcoding Manual DOC (updated 01/20/2011)

Section 17a

Barcoding Scanner IT Installation Instructions DOC (updated 01/20/2011)

Section 17b

Resetting the Barcode Scanner PDF