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SECTION 6:  Requesting Trade-Ins of State Property

In accordance with State Statute 81-161.04 of the Revised Reissued Statutes of Nebraska, the Materiel Division of the Department of Administrative Services has the responsibility for the processing and sale of items of surplus personal property owned by the State.

This statute and Administrative Services policy is that any purchase involving the trade in of State of Nebraska Property MUST BE APPROVED IN ADVANCE by AS Materiel Division - State Purchasing Bureau as well as Surplus Property.

The Materiel Administrator is the sole authority for approving any and all trade-ins of state property. The Surplus Property Manager will advise the Materiel Administrator on the feasibility of all proposed trade ins.

Again, approval in advance is required for ANY trade in of state property. The purchasing authority of any agency, board, or commission does not alleviate them from the responsibility to ensure that the proposed trade in is approved by the proper departments PRIOR to proceeding with any transaction or acceptance of any bid or offer from a vendor.

As a minimum for any trade in transaction the following information in addition to the below documentation is needed in order to make an informed decision about the feasibility of any trade in and whether it is in the best interests of the State of Nebraska: (1) Age of the equipment being traded in, (2) Subjective appraisal of the equipment being offered as a trade in, i.e., are there problems with it (3) Monetary amount being offered as a trade in for the equipment being traded.

Any questions about the trade in process or documentation required should be addressed to the Surplus Property Manager or the State Purchasing Bureau.

The following is a sequence of events that must be followed for all proposed Trade In's of property:




Prepare the proposed surplus document (SPN Form). This must be completed regardless of whether the property is listed as part of the agency's fixed asset listing on EnterpriseOne 9.0 or not. There is a separate form available on the surplus property website for all Non-EnterpriseOne 9.0 asset trade in requests. If the asset(s) are identified in the NIS system, then the status of each (if multiple) assets should be changed to "PT" as well as the assignment of the SPN to each FA master record.


The SPN report should either: (1) be printed out in hard copy or (2) saved as a separate PDF file.


The agency, board, or commission needs to prepare a requisition document in the EnterpriseOne 9.0 system (OW document type). This document type should always be used so that the requisition will be routed to the State Purchasing Bureau.


Attach as an "Order Header Attachment" the PDF file identified in Step 2 above. This is the surplus/trade in requesting document and must be forwarded with the requisition to State Purchasing. If the agency does not have the capability to create/attach these documents, separate consultation with State Purchasing should be made to get this document to State Purchasing.


State Purchasing ensures that all necessary documentation for the requisition have been received. This should also include the proposed bids for the new equipment and the vendor information that is applicable.


The State Purchasing Bureau (SPB) buyer will contact (electronically) the Surplus Property manager and provide the information above for review and recommendation for approval/disapproval. The Surplus Property manager will review and ensure all required information is present and if more information is needed he will request that from the SPB buyer.


The Surplus Property manager provides the recommendation for approval or disapproval.


If recommended for approval, the SPB buyer will forward the documentation for signature by the Materiel Administrator. If disapproved, the buyer will inform the agency, board, or commission and the proposed transaction proceeds accordingly.


Upon approval, the Materiel Administrator signs the appropriate surplus form. The purchasing documentation proceeds accordingly. The original surplus document is forwarded to the Surplus Property manager.


Upon receipt by the Surplus Property manager, two things will happen: (1) The agency is provided a copy of the approved surplus document for their records (2) The Surplus Property manager will keep the original SPN document and process the items for removal from the EnterpriseOne 9.0 system.

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