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Fixed Asset Information

SECTION 2: Authority

Section 81-1118.01 of the Revised Reissued Statutes of the State of Nebraska requires the Materiel Division Administrator to have complete control of all furniture and equipment in the Capitol, state laboratory, Governor's Mansion, and other buildings owned or leased by the State, except telephone and communications equipment and equipment and furniture of the Legislature and the Supreme Court. The statute further provides the Materiel Division Administrator under the authority of the Director of Administrative Services complete control and all powers necessary to assure efficient utilization of state property.

As per Section 81-161.04 of the Revised Reissued Statutes of Nebraska, The Materiel Division of the Department of Administrative Services has the responsibility for the processing and sale of items of surplus personal property owned by the State. Procedures for the processing of surplus items and the use of the NIS Fixed Asset System are detailed in this manual. Any questions pertaining to fixed assets to the Surplus Property office as outlined below. The surplus property manager serves as the representative an agent of the State Materiel Administrator for handling all property disposition issues as outlined in this manual.


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