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Statutes may be viewed on the following website on the Nebraska Legislature website.
73-501 Contractual Services: Purposes of sections.
73-502 Contractual Services: Terms, defined.
73-503 Contractual Services: Documentation; requirements.
73-504 Contractual Services: Competitive bidding requirements.
73-505 Contractual Services: State agency directors; duties.
73-506 Contractual Services: State agency contracts for services; requirements.
73-507 Contractual Services: Exceptions.
73-508 Contractual Services: Preapproval; required; when.
73-509 Contractual Services: Pre-process; required; when; procedure.
73-510 Contractual Services: Proof of Need Anaylsis
81-1015 State-owned licensable passenger vehicles; title in transportation services bureau; purchases; restrictions.
81-1118 Materiel Division; established; duties; administrator; branches; established.
81-1118.01 Materiel Administrator; inventory record; state property; powers and duties.
81-1118.02 All officers, departments, and agencies; state property; inventory; how stamped; action to recover.
81-1118.03 Personal property; purchase or lease; approval; solicitation by Department of Administrative Services; duties.
81-1118.04 Materiel Division; purposes.
81-1118.05 Materiel Division; powers and duties.
81-1118.06 Materiel Division; state purchasing bureau; purposes.
81-1184 Legislative intent.
81-1185 State government recyclable material, defined.
81-1186 Department; duties.
81-1187 Disposition of State government recyclable material.
81-1188 Resource Recovery Fund; created; use; investment.
81-1189 Rules and regulations.
81-145 Materiel Division; terms, defined.
81-15,159 Legislative findings and intent; state purchases; preference requirements.
81-153 Materiel Division; powers and duties; enumerated.
81-154 Materiel Division; standard specifications; establish and maintain; cooperation of using agencies; competitive bids.
81-154.01 Materiel Division; University of Nebraska; purchase agreements.
81-156 Laboratory tests; fee.
81-159 Requisitions by using agency; procedures used by Materiel Division.
81-161 Competitive bids; award to lowest responsible bidder; elements considered.
81-161.01 Competitive bids; time requirements; waiver.
81-161.02 Competitive bids; rejection by Materiel Division; grounds; new bids.
81-161.03 Direct purchases, contracts, or leases; approval required, when; report required; Materiel Division; duties; Department of Correctional Services; purchases authorized.
81-161.04 Materiel Division; surplus property; sale; procedure; proceeds of sale, how credited.
81-161.05 Materiel Division or employee; financial or beneficial personal interest forbidden; gifts and rebates prohibited; violations; penalty.
81-161.06 State Surplus Property Revolving Fund; created; use; investment.
81-162 Purchases or leases; form of contract.
81-164 Central mailing room; equipment required.
81-165 Official outgoing mail to be metered; members of Legislature, when exempt.
81-166 Postage records; requirements.
81-167 Advances for postage; monthly statement by Materiel Division; remittance by warrant; overdrafts not allowed.
81-168 Central mailing room; employees; hours staggered.
81-171 Delivery of mail to mailing room for unofficial business; violation; penalty.
81-2401 Prompt Payment Act, how cited.
81-2402 Prompt Payment Terms, defined.
81-2403 Goods or services; payment in full; when required.
81-2404 Creditor; charge interest; when.
81-2405 Incorrect bill; notice to creditor; corrected bill; payment.
81-2406 Prompt Payment Act, how construed.
81-2407 Act; applicability.
81-2408 Agency; reports; required.
81-907 Surplus property; purchase or receive from government.
84-712.01 Public records; right of citizens; full access; fee authorized.
84-712.05 Records which may be withheld from the public; enumerated.

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