Administrative Services



Toner Cartridge Recycling Program

How to Recycle Your Used Toner Cartridges:

Step 1
Contact Cartridge World at:

Telephone: 402-465-4465
Fax: 402-464-3466

Step 2
Provide the service representative with the following information:
  • Report how many cartridges you need to recycle
  • Your Name
  • Street Address (No P.O. Box)
  • City, State & Zip
  • Telephone / Fax
  • Contact Person and E-Mail
Step 3

Place your used cartridges in the original box that your cartridge came in or use a corrugated box appropriate for shipping. If you have more than one cartridge that needs to be recycled place all cartridges in a larger, strong corrugated box appropriate for shipping.

Step 4
Cartridge World will pay to have you ship the cartridges to them.
  • When you call (step 1) Cartridge World will provide you with a UPS ground service or UPS-RS return label.
  • They can e-mail a UPS-RS label electronically or they can mail a UPS-RS label through the US Postal Service.
Step 5
Address the package to:

Cartridge World
6900 "O" Street, Suite 122
Lincoln, NE 68510
Tape or use your peel off UPS-RS label onto the box, hand it to any UPS driver and you have completed your cartridge recycling project.