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Electronics Recycling Contract

Pick up of Electronic Equipment at the Agency Location

300 Pound Minimum Applies

If an Agency, Board or Commission (ABC) has a minimum of 300 pounds of outdated electronics, they may request that DataShield Corporation pick-up the items at the ABC location. If this process is used, the following steps must be followed:

Step 1

The ABC must generate an SPN, Request for Certificate of Destruction (COD), and submit this form to the State Surplus Property office.

Step 2

State Surplus Property will review the request and, if appropriate, authorize the request and return the original document to the ABC.

Step 3

The ABC then completes an Electronic Recycling Tag Request (ERTR) form.

  • Electronic Recycling Tag Request (ERTR) Form

The ERTR form is then filled out by the ABC and includes the ABC name, ABC address, ABC point of contact, ABC telephone number, SPN Number(s), COD Number(s) and the number of tags required.

Step 4

The ABC then provides the ERTR to DataShield Corporation via fax.

Step 5

DataShield Corporation will furnish the ABC a bill of lading based on the information the organization provides in the ERTR. Once the bill of lading is received by the ABC, the ABC will contact DataShield Corporation and arrange for pick-up of the equipment. DataShield Corporation then picks up the electronic waste at the ABC location within 10 days after the request. DataShield Corporation must notify the generating ABC of the scheduled pick-up time at least 24 hours in advance.

Step 6

The ABC signs, dates and sends back the SPN/COD to State Surplus Property.

Step 7

DataShield Corporation will send the State Surplus Property Office an invoice for each scheduled pick-up (multiple pick-ups require separate invoices for each ABC). Multiple CODs/SPN’s can be included on one invoice as long as the quantities on each document are identified separately in accordance with the terms of the contract for the amount of equipment recycled from the Surplus Property office.