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Electronics Recycling Contract

Drop Off at Datashield Corporation

1528 North 16th Street, Omaha, NE 68110

If an Agency, Board or Commission (ABC) disposes of electronic equipment via delivering old electronics to DataShield Corporation, the following procedures must be utilized.

Step 1

The ABC must generate a Surplus Property Document Number (SPN), Request for Certificate of Destruction (COD), and submit this form to the State Surplus Property office.

Step 2

State Surplus Property will review the request and, if appropriate, authorize the request and return the original document to the ABC.

Step 3

The ABC then completes an Electronic Recycling Tag Request (ERTR) form.

  • Electronic Recycling Tag Request (ERTR) Form

The ERTR form is then filled out by the ABC and includes the ABC name, ABC address, ABC point of contact, ABC telephone number, SPN Number(s), COD Number(s) and the number of tags required.

Step 4

The ABC is then authorized to contact DataShield Corporation for the purpose of requesting tags for individual electronic items for recycling. The ABC shall provide the ERTR, via fax, to DataShield Corporation. DataShield Corporation must first verify that all of the necessary information is contained on the ERTR (i.e. ABC name, ABC address, ABC point of contact, ABC telephone number, SPN Number(s), COD Number(s) and the number of tags required).

Step 5

Once DataShield Corporation receives the fax and all of the necessary information is contained in the ERTR, DataShield Corporation will provide the tags via return mail to the requesting ABC no later than five (5) working days from the date of the receipt of the request. Under no circumstances is any ABC to accept anything but the actual tags provided by DataShield Corporation.

Step 6

The ABC is then required to attach the tags to each item of equipment the organization is delivering to DataShield Corporation. DataShield Corporation will also furnish the ABC a “bill of lading” when the tags are furnished to the ABC based on the information that the ABC provides. This bill of lading shall include the following: the number of pieces of equipment, as well as the SPN’s/COD#s that were processed on this request.

Step 7

Once the ABC receives the bill of lading and tags, the ABC must ensure that the count matches the quantity of equipment that the ABC has for electronic recycling. If there are any discrepancies, the ABC will contact DataShield Corporation and resolve any deficiencies. If the quantities agree, the electronic items and bill of lading will then be coordinated for delivery to DataShield Corporation directly. Once the items have been delivered, the ABC should sign, date, and return the original COD document to State Surplus Property.

Step 8

DataShield Corporation will send the State Surplus Property Office an invoice for each delivery. Multiple CODs/SPN’s can be included on one invoice as long as the different authorization documents (SPNs/CODs are specified separately) in accordance with the terms of the contract for the amount of equipment recycled from the Surplus Property office.