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Electronics Recycling Contract

Effective February 1, 2007, the State of Nebraska is contracting with DataShield Corporation, of Omaha for the recycling of electronic equipment. This contract is available to be used by all state agencies, boards, and commissions that need to dispose of broken or non-working electronic equipment. All working or serviceable electronic equipment should continue to be taken to State Surplus Property in accordance with their guidelines as is presently the case. As a reminder, state agencies cannot donate unserviceable equipment to private companies.

There are separate procedures for three distinct methods of processing recycled electronics:

  • Electronic Recycling via State Surplus Property -
    take electronics to the container located at the State Surplus Property Office
  • Electronic Recycling via Pickup at Agency -
    have DataShield Corporation come to the agency, board or commission location for pickup of electronics (with a 300-pound minimum). DataShield Corporation is only obligated to pick up at agency locations in Districts One and Two which are generally the Omaha and Lincoln areas. Organizations that generate recycling outside these areas should contact Surplus Property for procedures on disposing of their equipment.
  • Electronic Recycling via Delivery to Contractor -
    dropping authorized electronics off directly at the Vendor’s business location in Omaha.

Agencies will need to complete the new Electronic Recycling Tag Request (ERTR) form with any of these three methods.

  • Electronic Recycling Tag Request (ERTR) Form (updated 08/29/13)

Agencies should determine which method in accordance with the above parameters that best fits their needs. All agencies are highly encouraged to use DataShield Corporation for the disposing of all non-serviceable electronic waste. The State of Nebraska does have liability for the unauthorized disposing of electronic waste.

If you have any questions regarding this contract, the procedures outlined in this memo, or the attachments please contact one of the listed individuals.


State Recycling Coordinator
301 Centennial Mall South
Lincoln, NE 68508
Phone: 402-471-3030
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Dave McGuire
State Surplus Property Manager

5001 South 14th Stree
Lincoln, NE 68522
Phone: 402-471-3030
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