Charitable Giving Campaign - 2017

Coordinator Info

The Nebraska State Charitable Giving Campaign begins Tuesday, September 5th, and will run through Friday, September 29th.

Blank Pledge Forms (Cash or Check)

This year PLEASE open the confidential envelopes and check to make sure the form is completed correctly (check the math, number of deductions, check to make sure the employee’s name and employee’s ID number is clearly indicated on the form, etc. ALSO if they mark cash or check please ensure that they have inserted the cash/check into the envelope!)

  • Make sure the employee kept the pink copy
  • Keep the yellow copy to be entered into the Employee Work Center
  • Send the white copy with the confidential envelope to Stacey Dvorak at AS – State Personnel

If you have any questions concerning the Charitable Giving Campaign, please contact Stacey Dvorak at or 402.471.4112.

Contact Information:
State of Nebraska

Stacey Dvorak
402.471.4112  |  E-mail

United Way

Starlet R. Borecky
402.441.7176  |  E-mail

Community Health Charities of Nebraska

Mark Feit
402.475.2770  |  E-mail

Community Services Fund of Nebraska

Kiersten Hill
402.489.4332  |  E-mail

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