Charitable Giving Campaign - 2018

Overall total:     $66,072.82

Total donors:    304

Hover over each tier's sign to see how many crops they planted for Nebraska!


Each corn plant signifies $5,000 raised to support local community organizations

2018 Charitable Giving Challenge

September 4-28, 2018

The Nebraska State Chari­table Giving Campaign is the State’s official workplace giving campaign and provides state teammates a meaningful opportunity to give back to their local communities.

Dollars raised by this campaign stay in Nebraska and have immediate impact on the lives of our family, friends, fellow teammates, and neighbors.

Since 2003, through the generosity of state teammates, this campaign has raised over $6.1 million dollars to support more than 400 charitable organizations throughout Nebraska.

This is an outstanding example of how state teammates continue to serve the public beyond their jobs.

Your continued support allows these organizations to provide disaster relief, support community enhancement projects, educational programs, and offer needed aid for those suffering from chronic illness.


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