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About Employee Relations:

Responsible for administration and negotiations of State Labor Contracts along with developing and coordinating the approach to industrial relations through consultation and training.


Employee Relations Mission Statement:

The AS - Employee Relations Division's mission is to strive for the proper interpretation and application of employment related statutes, rules, regulations, policies and human resource practices in Nebraska State Government. This includes responsibility for conducting good faith bargaining with all parties working toward the goal of mutually acceptable collective bargaining agreements.

The Division strives to administer and coordinate state employee grievance appeals through negotiated grievance procedures or the Classified System Personnel Rules and Regulations.

The Division strives to monitor and improve services provided to our customers in order to positively impact the employees of the State and improve government efficiency and effectiveness for the citizens of the State.


Staff Contact:

1526 K Street, Suite 120
Lincoln, Nebraska 68508
fax: 402-471-3394

William J. Wood | Chief Negotiator/Administrator | 402-471-4106 | Email
Sean Davis | Employee Relations Representative | 402-471-8292 | Email
Tammy Benson | Administrative Assistant | 402-471-4104 | Email
RJ Borer | Research Analyst | 402-471-4460 | Email
Catherine Habel | Staff Assistant | 402-471-3699 | Email