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Administrative Services Agency Employee Recognition Program

The Administrative Services’ Recognition Program is flexible and designed for participation of all employees by recognizing others formally and informally. The program promotes sincere and meaningful appreciation as a way to bring out the best in people and improve work environments. We show our commitment to each other and the organization in how we treat one another when no one is looking. This fresh approach instills recognition as part of our organization every day; we affirm, we thank, we praise, and we respect.

The program offers opportunities to identify, recognize, and celebrate, those people who exhibit the qualities of what we want our organization to be, and the projects that are a source of pride for the agency. The recognition opportunities reflect values and behaviors identified as significant through Employee Survey results, management studies, the leadership retreat, and collective input into the mission, vision, and values of our agency.

Award Categories Include:


Project Award—
For employee(s) who have completed projects

The Innovator—
Employee(s) who are innovators

Customer Service Award—
For those employees exhibiting extraordinary service & teamwork

All Star Award (Individual Only Award)—
Individual exhibiting extraordinary teamwork & encompasses the values of the Agency

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Your support and participation is vital for the recognition program to succeed. The program was specifically designed for recognition to occur at all levels of the organization by encouraging participation at all levels of the organization. Nominations can be completed by any employee at any time and forwarded to Holden Armstrong. Nominations will be reviewed by the Celebration Crew, on a quarterly basis, and honorees will be announced once a selection is made.


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