Administrative Services


Space Planning Services


Space Planning shall include the following responsibilities and duties for all state-owned and commercially leased space, as follows: (i) to determine space needs of all agencies and to establish space-allocation standards, (ii) to establish and define standards for all leased space so that needs may be summarized or projected in an efficient and consistent manner, (iii) to ensure efficient and effective use of resources, and (iv) to conduct annual audits of all State leased space for compliance of these space utilization standards.

Space Planning also includes other services, such as:

  • To coordinate comprehensive capital facilities planning;
  • To assist AS/SBD and agency staff in specific space planning projects, as requested or required;
  • To act as a consultant for Tenant Improvements;
  • To acquire components, schedule delivery and set-up, complete construction of and installation of systems furniture;
  • To coordinate power and communications installation to new space prior to the move date, staging equipment and furniture, and mid-project changes;
  • To maintain facility utilization floor plans, including revisions and develop solutions while conserving resources;
  • To address agency space needs, as required; and
  • To provide information on space usage by Agencies for the annual report to the Appropriations Committee, as requested.

Manuals and Forms: