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State Comprehensive Capital Facilities Plan

The State of Nebraska Comprehensive Capital Facilities 20–Year Plan was developed through the combined efforts of the Nebraska State Building Division team and its consultants. Throughout the planning process, the utmost care was taken to engage all agencies and branches of state government, along with our community stakeholders including the City of Lincoln, the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Lincoln Association and our local and neighborhood partners.

The Comprehensive Capital Facilities Plan for the State of Nebraska was developed as a strategic tool to address the physical, social, intellectual and sustainability challenges that state government is facing both in the short- and long-term horizon. This plan addresses current and future state needs as it relates to facility assessments, building renovations and new construction opportunities, teammate retention and recruiting, space usage and amenities, campus architecture and urban landscape, signage and wayfinding, circulation and parking.


For more information, contact: Amber Brannigan, Administrator, State Building Division

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