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Payroll Card Application Instructions

Revised January 29, 2009


Supervisor Information
Employee Information


  •  When an employee requests a payroll card, the employee must complete two forms:
  • The information requested by the bank on the sign-up form is standard for electronic card processing.
  • Payroll cards will come in a plain white envelope from US Bank.  Do NOT throw such an envelope away without looking inside.  The payroll card will be mailed to the existing mailing address of the Address Book employee record.  

Forms – [To be completed by employee and returned to Agency HR Department]


  • Print the application form and complete it as requested.  Information requested is consistent with that needed by the bank to establish a new account. 

Direct Deposit Information Form  

  • Print the Direct Deposit agreement form and enter the requested information on the document. 
  • Enter a “PC” in the second column and leave the “bank routing number” and the “account number” blank.    (These numbers will be provided by State Accounting – Payroll Department at a later time for entry into EnterpriseOne.) 
  • Use Code 22 (checking account) for the transaction code. 

Note:  Click here for instructions for completing this form