From:               Luhring, Syl

TO:                  NIS Flash Contacts (All)

Date:               Wed 1/7/2009 11:37 AM


Subject:           W-2 Address update


2008 is now history and it is time to prepare for the printing of W2s.  In preparation for creating the employee W-2 forms, an export file will be made of all “E” (employee) and “X” (terminated) employee address book records as of 8 AM Monday, January 12thPlease update all employee addresses that are currently in NIS by end of business Friday, January 9th, 2009.


The addresses in the export file will be verified using the USPS zip+4 address verification program.  When such verification is done, any necessary changes to employee’s addresses will be made in the file and will override what is currently in the system.  Any changes made after 5 PM on Friday, January 9th will not be recognized by the W-2 file processing and you will have to pull such W-2’s prior to mailing.


You should also be aware that State Accounting will not be mailing the W-2’s again this year.  We will be providing them to agencies for distribution or mailing at their discretion.  The exact date of the W2 availability has not yet been determined, although it will be well ahead of the January 31st deadline.


Please ask your employees to review their address in NIS and to contact you with any changes or corrections that need to be made.  Below is the path employees should follow to review the address. 


Log into NIS with your user name and password.  From the NIS menu, select the drop down arrow in the ROLES box and Employee Self Service.  Click on the arrow button to the right of the roles box.  Next click on the NIS State of Nebraska line above.  Then, select Self Service > Employee Benefits > Personal.  Click on NEXT in the screen and NEXT again.  The address will be displayed.



Syl Luhring

Payroll Supervisor

Administrative Services

State of Nebraska

Room 1314 State Capitol Building

Lincoln, NE 68509


Phone     (402) 471-1460