This email is being sent to Agency Financial Contacts and Pre-Auditors




DATE:            October 20, 2009


TO:                 Agency Financial Contacts and Pre-Auditors


FROM:           Lynda Roesler, State Internal Control Coordinator


SUBJECT:     Process for paying TSB vehicle expenses                                                                                tsb.pdf


I would like to clarify the process when an employee incurs expenses while using a TSB vehicle.  The steps listed below should be followed:


1.     The employee incurring the expense should request reimbursement on an expense reimbursement document, following their agency guidelines.

2.    The employee’s agency should create a voucher payable to the employee using an agency five digit business unit (fund number) and object code 132200; the voucher should be approved, pre-audited and posted.

  1. The same day the payable is posted, the agency should send an email to Kim Frey ( with the words “TSB Expenses” in the subject line.  The following three items of information should be scanned and attached to the email: 

TSB will review the reimbursement request and, if approved, Administrative Services will process a reimbursement to the agency via a journal entry.  The requesting agency will be notified when the journal entry is completed.


If you have any questions about this process, please let me know.


Lynda Roesler

Internal Control Coordinator

State Accounting

State Capitol, Room 1309, Ph.  402-471-7737  

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