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Closing Schedule for payroll and

Fiscal Year End


There are only 8 weeks left in the current fiscal year and preparations are already under way for the transition.  There are several areas of the process that affect payroll and will be addressed below as well as at the PHRUG meeting coming up on June 4th. 


  1. Position Clean-up and Purging – June 12th: The position roll-over for the new fiscal year will occur on June 15th.  If you use position control, please review the current position listing and mark all unwanted positions for purging by June 12th.  Positions will be purged prior to the roll-over in order not to re-create them for the new fiscal year. 


  1. Position Roll-over for new fiscal year – June 15th:   Position roll-over will be completed for the new fiscal year.  Unlike last year (which had CIR adjustments), budgets will be adjusted by the   rate increase available for all employees effective July 1st.  (The specific amount has not been confirmed as of this writing) The increase will occur on the 1st for everyone instead of on the anniversary date as was the case this fiscal year.


  1. B-12 payroll posting – June 15th : The B-12 payroll (pay date of June 17th) will be the last payroll posted in the current fiscal year.  It will be posted as scheduled on the 15th.  The following payroll, B-13 (Pay date of July 1st), will post in the new 09-10 fiscal year on July 1st. 


  1. B-13  and B-14 payrolls encumbered for 08-09: – there will be more information on this subject in the weeks to come and at the PHRUG meeting on June 4th.  Encumbering funds will be a new process for those agencies who switched from the monthly payroll cycle to the bi-weekly cycle in 2008. For now, just know that the B-13 payroll will have to be encumbered as it is being paid out in the new year since the check date and pay out are scheduled for July 1st.  Funds to cover the first seven days of the B-14 payroll will also need to be encumbered since the wage expense will have been incurred in the current fiscal year instead of the new fiscal year.


  1. Certification deadline for B-13 – June 25th: This payroll will still be prepared in June per the schedule.  Please note however, that the certification deadline for the payroll has been moved back to 1:00 from the 4:00 deadline.  This will allow our staff time to complete the payroll process yet that afternoon and allow the closing procedures to run over night if need be.


  1.  Certification deadline for monthly payroll for June – June 23rd: Processing of the monthly payroll for June will stay on schedule.  Please note that the certification deadline for the payroll will be moved back as well and will be due by 1:00 on Tuesday, June 23rd instead of 4:00.  This payroll will be processed in the current 08-09 year since it pays out on June 30th.


The next PHRUG meeting is scheduled for June 4th.  It will contain more detailed information on some of the areas above so you won’t want to miss it.  Mark it on your calendar now.